Mickeybo and Me | Review

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Filmanmeldelse: Mickeybo and Me | Review

Anmeldelse af filmen "Mickybo and Me" fra 2004 af Terry Loane.


Review of Mickybo and Me.
The film takes place in the 70s where a Catholic boy and a Protestant boy accidentally been best friends. They both live in the city of Belfast, were there was conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. And therefore it was not good that the two boys were friends, since they were presented by different religions. Yet the boys were best friends. The boys go into the cinema and watching movies about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After the boys have been to the cinema a few times and seen movies about Butch and Sundance they find out that they will be like them. Mickybo will be Butch, but Jonjo will too, but Mickybo decides so Jonjo be Sundance and that he himself should be Butch.
The big boys there always tease Mickybo will now have respect for them because now they are a gang. And when you're a gang, people have respect for you.
Mickybo and Jonjo will to Australia like Butch and Sundance. So they protrude from home, but when Jonjo go home to pack his things, his parents divorced, so Jonjo and his mother must comply with the aunt and live. In the Night Jonjo sticks of. Jonjo will to Australia with Mickybo! Jonjo runs down to Mickybo, and they... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Mickeybo and Me | Review

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