New Places - new Friends | FP10 | Engelsk

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New Places - new Friends | FP10 | Engelsk

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Hi Debbie, hope it goes well in Australia, and I hope, that your, mom's disease is better. And I hope, it goes well with your grandparent's farm, outside the city. I miss our stay in Dublin, it was good times, and I miss especially you. The reason I write is to the 12-7 -2017 should I travel again, I have considered whether I should go to Australia, for this reason, I would hear of you have time for a little visit from me?

I miss you a lot right now, so hope you have the time, I have always wanted to see Australia, it is such a beautiful country with amazing animals. so, I was hoping you could show me around a bit, in your city. Then I could also meet your family, it would be cozy. Maybe you could take me in to a museum, or perhaps for a concert, I know you love that. We could also go out to shop, and maybe take out into the city to eat, so if there are some good restaurants.

I also hear a lot of good things about safari trip, it would be an experience of a lifetime, if we could take on... Køb adgang for at læse mere

New Places - new Friends | FP10 | Engelsk

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