Opgave i engelsk - A love story - fristil

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Novelle: Opgave i engelsk - A love story - fristil

Jeg skriver en kærlighedshistorie i engelsk. Det er en fristil.


“Anna, James – get out of the water!” “I SAID GET OUT OF THE WATER” Johnny roared. I looked up at Johnny and Captain Mike. And their faces weren’t reassuring. Normally very calm Johnny looked very pale and frightened. Captain Mike was pointing his big gun at me. Or so I thought. Suddenly I realized, what was going on, and every thing became slow motion. I slowly looked down.
And then I froze with fear.

The next thing I remember clearly is James dragging me through the water, yelling my name. Then someone grabbed my wrists and pulled me into the boat. I think that someone was Captain Mike, but I don’t clearly remember. They told me I was unconscious for several minutes. But what was it that made me so scared, that I was unable to move? I’ll tell you... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Opgave i engelsk - A love story - fristil

  • 05-10-2008
    Superflot, men meget personlig. Men virkelig god.
  • 08-01-2009
    rigtig god.. meget personlig, men rigtig god