Opgave i Engelsk: Rabbit Proof Fence

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Filmanmeldelse: Opgave i Engelsk: Rabbit Proof Fence

I denne opgave svarer jeg kort på disse spørgsmål til filmen ”Rabbit Proof Fence”:


1. What is the name of the film, and who plays the main characters?
2.What was the theme of the film, and where did it take place?
3. What were the film makers trying to tell us, and were they successful?
4. Did you learn anything from this movie, and what was it?
5. What did you like best/least about the movie and why?
6. Select an action by one of the characters in the movie, and explain, why you think the character, took that action.
7. Describe the use of music in the movie. Did it enhance the story, the film makers were trying to tell?
8. Was the movie believable? Explain why/not.
Did you enjoy the movie? Why/not:
Did it make you interested in learning more about the subjects?


The themes of the film were aboriginal culture, family bond, the separation, courage, racist, stolen generations, and half-caste. It took place in Jigalong, a camp at Moore River, and the trip by Rabbit Proof Fence. It is all in Western Australia in 1931... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Opgave i Engelsk: Rabbit Proof Fence

  • 09-12-2011
    bemærk dette er en 9 klasses opgave
  • 23-04-2012
    Opgaven i sig selv kan være bedre, men jeg blev inspireret (-;