Potato People Resume

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Referat: Potato People Resume

Et resume på Engelsk af bogen "The Potato People" af Angela Wright.
Opgaven stammer fra "Blue cat" som er en af folkeskolens engelsk bøger.


In the village Skullgoragh two boys once lived, called Sean and Patrick. Patrick was like a little brother to Sean. Patrick was unable to protect himself because he wasn't big and muscular like Sean. Sean was tall, and brave. Before the British came, and turned his families land over to lord Egham, he was a lord and owned all the land of Skullgoragh. The entire village relied on the potato harvest. So when the day came and the harvest failed they were all poor and starving. They had neither income nor food.

As the harvest failed, lord Egham wasn't pleased. His people couldn't pay their taxes and soon he desperately gave the order to go into every village and take everything valuable. British soldiers intruded village after village, destroyed homes, owned by the helpless people, who could nothing... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Potato People Resume

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