Stone Cold af Robert Swindells | Referat

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Stone Cold af Robert Swindells | Referat

Et referat på engelsk af "Stone Cold" fra 1993 af Robert Swindells og svar på disse punkter:


1. Summary
2. My opinion of the book:
3. My view on homelessness and homeless people:
4. Suggestions to how the problem about homelessness could be solved:


1. Summary:
In “Stone Cold” Swindells gives us a story about how sixteen-year-old Link makes himself homeless on the streets of London. Link lives with his sister, mother and his mother's new boyfriend, Vince. Link doesn't like Vince, because he changes his mother, and because of the sexual assault on his sister. Carole leaves her family, and moves to her boyfriend. Vince getting nastier and nastier, Link can't take it anymore, and staying some days, by his sister and her boyfriend, but he moves on, and buys a ticket to London.

Link wants to find a job, and a place to stay in London. He finds a flat, but he doesn't get a job, so he can't pay the rent, so the owner of the flat throws him out, and then Link is homeless. The first night as homeless, Link meet Ginger, another homeless, he learns Link, how it is to be homeless.

There's a guy, Shelter, he's an insane mass murderer.

One day Ginger has an agreement with his mates, so Link walks Ginger to the station. When Ginger is back, Shelter is waiting for him, he tells him that Link have been in an accident, then Shelter lures Ginger to his... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Stone Cold af Robert Swindells | Referat

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