Second-Hand City af Maggie Hewitt

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Relationships are about trusting another people. If you don't trust your love it will kill your relationship, and you maybe have to leave the one you loved.

The story takes place in London. It's about a couple who has decided to move from their city house in London to Oxfordshire on the countryside, because they thought there was such a hassle in the town and there was too much noise, and the traffic and rubbish.
For days they had cluttering in their old stuff, and put it into some boxes in the garden, because they didn't have space for it in the new house. The husband thought that the wife should have chucked it out for years ago.
The intruder Belinda was cluttering in the boxes and looking after thing she could take with her home. She seems to be a little bit curious, and strange. Belinda wants the wife to get a haircut, but she doesn't want to... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Second-Hand City af Maggie Hewitt

  • 25-11-2011
    det er en rigtig god tekst, bare del grammatiske småfejl men de kan rettes
  • 23-11-2011
    det var meget godt.. god suplering til dine noter