Skriftlig engelsk 9. klasse | FP9 2018

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Brev: Skriftlig engelsk 9. klasse | FP9 2018

Denne opgave indeholder et brev til en fiktiv person, hvilket var en del af opgavebeskrivelsen/kravene ved FP9 2018.


Hi Uncle Paul.

I just arrived at Kastrup airport here in Denmark, and I shortly wanted to write to you,
and let you know how happy and grateful I am for the gift you gave me:

As you know, I love music, and especially the genre pop, which means I of cause chose to
go with one of your ideas; the pop concert at the Manchester Arena.
To be honest I actually didn't know who the artist which was playing was, when I chose to
go to that event… and I stil don't, haha.

I know that it might sound weird going to an event where you don't even know who is
playing, but I actually do it quite often at home too. The reason for this is, that I just love
experiencing the atmosphere of a concert, I often dont really care for the music.
The way that the whole crowd in a way forgets, that we are all stagers to each other, and
just becomes this one big family, where you feel as connected to them, as if you had
known them your whole life.
During the concert I also experienced a lot of crazy stuff, people were dressed totally crazy... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Skriftlig engelsk 9. klasse | FP9 2018

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