Take Action | Essay

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjælpen.dk.
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Take Action | Essay

Besvarelse af Opgave 2 "Take Action" fra eksamenssættet 2005 December Engelsk i Folkeskolen.

I denne forbindelse kommenteres der på de to tekster der omhandler "Sponsorship", og der gives synspunkter på hvad det betyder når man støtter sådanne foretagender.

Write an e s s a y where you comment on the two texts and give your views on the issues.


If you look up the word action, the dictionary will tell you that the word comes from the Latin word actio which means act. To act is to do something and s does take action. In this case it is also means to help others.
In the introductory presentation for the composition, there are given two examples of how you can take action. At the left side there is shown a flyer, which says that you should help dogs without homes to a better life. If you do so, they well in return send you a newsletter telling you how the dogs' welfare is. On the other side there is a picture of a child and the text below tells how you can help a poor child in the third world to a better life by becomes... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Take Action | Essay

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