The Cuff Link - Engelsk Krimi Short Story

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Novelle: The Cuff Link - Engelsk Krimi Short Story

En Engelsk Krimi (short story) som foregår i London, som jeg skrev med titlen "The Cuff Link".

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Meget få grammatiske fejl, er skrevet i et varieret sprog.


The Cuff Link


"The Cuff Link:
Jane was sitting in her living room in the small flat located in south London. She had been at work all day and on her way home she had brought a cheap dinner from the nearby fast food restaurant. She saw TV while she was eating because she didn’t like when it was entirely quiet. Jane didn’t normally sit at home on a Friday night but it had been an exhausting week at work. Besides, were her favorite show on TV and she had an appointment with her sister the following day.

After Jane had seen the TV show she turned the TV off and then she suddenly heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She lay the plate she had been eating off down and fastened her hand around the small knife. She had no idea about what the sound was but she didn’t want to take any chances.

Then she slowly moved towards the kitchen. She could feel her heart beating underneath her sweater when her hand reached behind the door frame to turn on the light."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Cuff Link - Engelsk Krimi Short Story

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