The Last Spin af Evan Hunter | Analyse af Short Story

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Novelleanalyse: The Last Spin af Evan Hunter | Analyse af Short Story

Opgaven indeholder 11 spørgsmål til novelleanalyse af novellen (short story): "The last spin" - Alle spørgsmål er grundigt besvaret. Opgaven er en slags analyse af stykket, og kan derfor bruges både til et referat, en analyse eller en anden opgave omkring denne short story.


The Last Spin
Exercises, questions and answers:
1. Who are Danny and Tigo?
2. What does it mean that the jacket shrieked, “Enemy, enemy!”?
3. In the text it says “He could not show Tigo what he was feeling. Tigo was the enemy, and so he presented a mast to the enemy…..”
Try to explain what Danny is feeling and why he needs a mask.
4. On page 2 Tigo doesn't finish the sentence, “Sure, but what I was trying to say…”
What do you think he was about to say?
5. Why are the two boys sitting opposite each other and with a gun between them?
What are they going to do? – And why?
6. The relationship between the two boys changes during the evening. Explain why!
7. On page 6 Danny says, “Yeah, I was thinking this Sunday I'd…” What is he about to say, and why doesn't he finish the sentence?
8. Why do they decide to make a last spin and not continue the game any longer?
9. How does the story end:
10. Why do you think the Author has written this short story?
11. Did you like the story? Why/why not?


The Last Spin:
1. Who are Danny and Tigo?
Tigo and Danny are two boys at the age of 15 or 16 I guess, by the way they are acting, and from the fact that they are not yet old enough to join the army. They live in a big city in USA, and they are members of two different clubs (or gangs) in this city.

The two clubs they are in, are fighting, that means when you are a member of one of the clubs, the members of the other club are automatically your enemies. Danny's club got into the territory of Tigo's club, and had therefore gone too far, which means that the clubs had to settle the fight. They decide to do this with the Russian roulette, and the pick Danny and Tigo for this game.

Tigo and Danny's personalities are very alike, they have both got big hearts, and neither of them can really see the purpose of beating up guys, just because the clubs tells them to do so... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Last Spin af Evan Hunter | Analyse af Short Story

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