The River af Bruce Springsteen | Engelsk Musikanalyse

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The River af Bruce Springsteen | Engelsk Musikanalyse

Opgaven indeholder en analyse af sangen "The River", der er skrevet af Bruce Springsteen. Der er også en oversætning af sangen fra engelsk til dansk.


Engelsk: The River
Bilag: Translation


1) The song is about how the narrator is from the valley which is a tough environment to be in. It is the kind of place where your future is set after how your parents have lived their life. But the narrator meets Mary and they fell in love at just seventeen and they have dreams together and they dream for a better future together opposite their parents and their expectations.

When Mary gets pregnant and they get married it's a discounted wedding and it is something they had to do to take responsibility because they are expecting a child though they love each other very much. They still have their drams together but they have to be adults and put them on hold.

The narrator gets a job as a construction worker but work labor is in a rough patch so there isn't much for him to do so all the materialistic things that him and Mary had to get in order to take care of their child is vanishing and now the narrator acts like he doesn't care about his and Mary's old dreams and Mary acts like she is ignorant... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The River af Bruce Springsteen | Engelsk Musikanalyse

  • 30-05-2011
    Det var ikke det jeg havde brug for, men fin opgave. Troede det var et essay, men det er det overhovedet ikke !
  • 20-01-2012
    meget fin analyse, og inspiration