"The Village" - Engelsk Short Story

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Novelle: "The Village" - Engelsk Short Story

Selvskrevet novelle (short story) i Engelsk, som handler om det Vilde Vesten, og en bortførsel af børn fra landsbyen. Titlen på min stil er "The Village".


"The Village:
For long time ago, in the year of 1803 in America, there was a little family living in a little village out in the woods. In the family there were five members, the mother, the husband, two daughters and a dog. They also had some horses, in a stable.

The mother was the nurse in the village, and the husband was the hunter. The two daughters were sixteen and ten. In the village there lived twelve persons: Old Mr. McKinley and his wife Mrs. Woodstock, the priest, the farmer Joe and his son Mark.

One day an old woman and her daughter arrived at the nurse’s house. The old woman had a sour tooth. The nurse took a cutter bar and the daughter held her so the nurse could get it out. The old woman screamed and screamed, because there was blood all over her and it heart like hell.

The old woman and her daughter went out of the house. The nurse cleaned up the room and went home to the old house."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

"The Village" - Engelsk Short Story

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