Travelling light

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I eksamenshæftet var der et billede af et hotelværelse. Opgaven fra FS10 december 2003 lød "You are travelling through Europe. Two days after arriving at this place something unforeseen happens. Write about it."

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I have been travelling in Europe for about a month now and I have been to so many different and interesting places. I am really looking forward to arrive at the next stop on my tour – Rome but I still have about a day in this horrible train before I can suck in the fresh air. While I am sitting here in the train bored to death I am writing a letter to my best friend Cat at home in England.

Dear Catherine
I know how you hate that I call you that but I couldn't help my self. Just thinking of the look you have on your face now when you are reading it makes me laugh and I really need to laugh right now. I am sitting in the most boring train and all I can do is look out of the window and sleep. You know how I hate to read so that is not at all an option for me to do. I am so hungry but the food that... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Travelling light

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