Tribes af Catherine Macphail | Summary and review

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Referat: Tribes af Catherine Macphail | Summary and review

Det er en referat og review af den engelske bog "Tribes" skrevet af Catherine Macphail.


“Tribes” is written by Catherine Macphail. Tribes is a book about boys getting in to gangs, whether they want to or not. The two main gangs in Tribes are Rebels and The Tribes – “once you join this gang, you're in for ever”. The Tribe is the gang that wants the main character, Kevin Davidson, to join them, but Kevin doesn't like gangs, doesn't like the idea of someone being his leader. Kevin lives with his mother, father and his little sister. His mother and father are really into the whole Line Dancing thing, and they are really good at it too. They get new names when they dance Line Dance, Honey Sue and El Diablo. Glory, his sister, is a bit strange, but a lot clever, because in a way she knows things there have happened before they are told to her. The family has just moved to the other part of the town, there are a lot more gangs in this part they chose to move to, but they don't worry at all because they know that their Kevin wouldn't get into any gangs, but they were a bit uncertain with Glory! The only friend he has when he just where moved there was Tommy. They played computer all day long, were together almost every day, he was Kevin's best friend and vice versa.

In the start Kevin gets chased by the Rebels to a car park, where he tries to hide behind some... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Tribes af Catherine Macphail | Summary and review

  • 28-02-2012
    Den gav mig nogle gode informationer og var hjælpfuld til min opgave fra skolen
  • 28-04-2013
    Bedømt af Folkeskoleelev i 9. klasse
    resumet er godt, men der mangler en uddybning af afslutningen
  • 18-09-2011
    fin opgave. godt og fyldigt referat
  • 12-10-2010
    god opgave, og god inspiration.