Young person of the year | Article | FP9 2016

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Artikel: Young person of the year | Article | FP9 2016

Besvarelse af eksamensopgaven i Free Writing fra FP9 i engelsk fra maj 2016 med titlen "Young person of the year".

Det indeholder et interview med en pige, der hedder Jessica Watson, som rejste jorden rundt som teenager på en båd

Imagine that you have interviewed ONE of these award winners. Write an article (350-450 words) for a youth magazine. Use the information above and your own imagination. Include • something about her/his background • why she/he was nominated • something interesting you learned about the person • your impression of the person you interviewed.


I have interviewed Jessica Watson, she lives in Australia born 1993. She is shy and dyslexic, the childhood spent many years on the houseboat they have. She was inspired by sailing story when she was 12 years old. She was nominated because of.

When she was 16, she has intense training and preparation she has experienced the speech when she was known as the speech she should hold in front of the people. She was the youngest there sail alone around the world no one before her has sailing the world in so young an age. Her ship was named Ella´s Pink Lady. It was a very long journey she was on, it became 7 months on the boat... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Young person of the year | Article | FP9 2016

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